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Stone Town Tour

Stone Town Tour| The stone town tour, the city tour, takes you around the capital town to experience historically, culturally and architecturally richness of Zanzibar Islands. The tour takes 2 or 3 hours depend on the places to be visited. Most of the important building and places (historical monuments) are within the town’s municipal environs such as Anglican cathedral built on the former slave market, the house of the famous slave trader (Tip Tip house), Hamamni Bath, DaraJani market (fish and fruits market), the Old Portuguese Fort, the house of wonders (Zanzibar National Museum of History & Culture), and the home of world famous musician, Freddy Mercury. The guide will also show you the beautiful pattern of Zanzibar door and on the way; you will have a chance to walk around the narrow streets of the stone town where of the houses date back more than 150years. We offer this tour half day and it can be combined with sunset tour or prison Island tour